How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle

So, do you have a bike that is new to you and you want it to look different, or maybe you have an older bike that is not in style anymore? Well, the solution to both of these situations is to pain the motorcycle. Painting a motorcycle can come about for a variety of reasons, and it can be a long process. The paint job though is what makes a bike really stand out and allows it to come into its own and keeps it from looking like every other bike. That is why it is important to have a good paint job that is done right. You may be wondering how much this might cost you though. Well, if you are looking to get your motorcycle painted, then you are in the right spot. That is because in this article we will talk about what you need to consider when having your motorcycle painted, as well as how much it cost to have your motorcycle painted.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle?
How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle?

Reasons To paint your motorcycle

So, before going into how much it cost to paint a motorcycle, we will first talk about possible reasons to have your motorcycle painted. The main reason to have your bike painted is to customize it and make it match your personality. This kind of paint job is typically the most costly though because it requires a lot of time and special skills. We will get to customer paint jobs soon enough though. The next reason why you might have your bike painted is that it is old and out of style. This again will be a pretty costly job because it means that the whole bike will have to be painted. Restoration painting though is normally cheaper than a customer paint job however because a bunch of special skills isn’t required. The last reason to have your motorcycle painted is to just repair scraps and dings. This will be the cheapest because the whole bike won’t need to be painted.

Repair Work

So, the cheapest kind of paint job is repair work. That is because it is the least amount of area being painted. For example, if you just need the fenders painted to repair some scuffs, then it will be cheaper than having the whole bike painted. Repair touch up paint can still be costly though. That is because you are paying for someones time and it can still be a time-consuming process.

At most places depending on how much painting is being done, repair work will cost around $300-$500. Some cost can be saved if you bring the parts in separate from the bike. That is because the shop won’t have to take the time to take the bike apart and any time you save them, will save you money. Also, repair work is cheapest if it is all one solid color. If the part is multiple colors, then the cost will go up quickly because of more work as to be done in preparing the part and making sure the paint job is done right.

Regular Paint Job

So, now that you know the cost of just minor touch up painting, we can now go into the cost of a full motorcycle paint job. This again can vary a lot depending on your area and how much work you are having the painter do. On the cheap side, it can be as little as $300 to have a regular paint job, but it can get as high as $1500 or so. The more work the painter has to do the more it will cost you. That means if you want to save money take your motorcycle into the paint shop in parts so the shop won’t have to deal with disassembly, and offer to do the reassembly yourself.

Painting the motorcycle is just one step in the painting process. The biggest part for a proper paint job is sanding the old paint off. The more old paint you sand off yourself, the cheaper the paint job will be. Sanding off the old paint takes a lot of time and effort, but it is an important step to the new paint will adhere correctly. Also, priming the parts and making sure the parts are clean is key before painting to make sure the new paint sticks correctly. For a regular paint job don’t be afraid to haggle the price if you are willing to do some work and bring the bike into the shop in parts. Also, to save money you could only have the tank, fenders, and fairings painted as these are the most noticeable parts when the bike is assembled, and a new paint job on them can still give your bike a good look.

Custom Paint Job

The regular paint job that we just got done talking about is only for your basic colors though. This means you won’t have a bunch of different designs and patterns on your motorcycle. If you are wanting to have a flashy and unique looking bike, then that is when you got to get a custom paint job. Custom paint jobs are where it can get real costly though. They can range from $900 up to $2200 and beyond. The more work you do yourself, the less the job will be, so you can do the prep and sanding at home and also bring the bike into the shop in parts to save money, but the painting part of a custom paint job can’t be haggled down as much because they are a lot of work.

A good custom paint job requires a painter that is good with the paint gun, as well as someone that is an artist. That is because with custom paint jobs your bike becomes a work of art. If you have seen motorcycles with skulls, flames, and other things on them, then those are custom paint jobs. They look really cool and make your bike unique, but take a lot of time and effort to do. They are multiple colors normally, and you have to tape over and cover a lot of areas and then move the covers and paint the bike in sections. This makes it take a lot of time to do a custom paint job. Also, unless you are really creative and skilled at painting, you can’t really do a custom paint job on your own, so you have to pay up for it if you want one.


Speaking of doing it yourself we will now cover how much it would cost to do a regular paint job on your own or touch up work. If you have access to a paint gun, then the paint itself to paint your whole bike in a regular paint job would be less than $100. That is because paint doesn’t cost a whole lot and you are just paying for someone’s time when you hire them to paint your motorcycle. When doing the painting yourself you are using your time to take the bike apart, sand it down, paint it, buff it, and add the clear coat and buff it some more. If you are willing to do the dirty work and have access to a paint gun and the skills to use it, then you can save yourself a lot of money doing a regular paint job yourself on your bike. Also, it will make you have more pride in your motorcycle because you know you put the effort and sweat into making it look good.


So, now you know how much it cost to paint a motorcycle. You know basic touchup and repair painting is the easiest and cheapest and is normally around $300 depending on how much work you put in. Regular full paint jobs are the next cheapest at $300-$1500 and you know that if you are willing to do some taking apart of the bike and sanding, then you can cut cost. Lastly, you know that doing the painting yourself if you have a paint gun is the best value. The most expensive motorcycle painting is custom paint jobs and that is because you can’t do them yourself. Also, a lot of skill and time goes into a good custom paint job, so that is why it cost the most. Your location can affect the cost of a paint job for your motorcycle a lot, so one last tip, if you are needing your motorcycle painted, is to shop around and find the best price possible for your bike painting job.

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