How To Store A Motorcycle In The Right Way

A motorcycle, like any other motor device, needs continuous and proper maintenance all the time. Motor devices are prone to damage whether they are being used or not. They are not only affected by wear and tear, but also by environmental conditions like heat and humidity. Because of this, you should store your motorcycle properly to protect it from all the factors that might affect its functionality later.

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Why Proper Motorcycle Storage Matters?

Proper storage is a must for your motorcycle if you want it to be up and running after the storage period. Good storage will prevent problems that would have risen as a result of long storage. Below are some of the top benefits of proper motorcycle storage:

  • Safety

Proper motorcycle storage ensures the safety of your motorcycle since most of them are enclosed and they are lockable hence denying access to intruders. It even gets better if you use the services of a motorcycle storage company, because you leave it in their care. Motorcycle storage companies beef up their security by installing 24 hour surveillance.

  • Prevents rust and dust

Good storage keeps a motorcycle safe from bad weather, especially during the winter. During storage preparation, the motorcycle is waxed and covered to prevent its parts from rusting and accumulating a lot of dust.

  • Prevents effects of inactivity

During preparation the motorcycle is serviced and maintained. Since all its parts are lubricated it will not be affected by wear and tear. The effect of stale fuel is also prevented because a stabilizer is added into the fuel before storage.

  • Prevents aging

The motorcycle is protected from sunlight rays that make some parts of the motorcycle to fade. The lubrications applied prevent corrosion. During storage the effects of expansion and contraction are reduced hence the motorcycle remains just as it was before the storage period.

What to Consider When Storing Your Motorcycle?

Proper storage is more than just parking your motorcycle in a garage and throwing a cover over it! Below are a few things that you should consider when storing your motorcycle for a long time:

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  • Storage location

Your preferred storage location should be climate controlled so that the temperature and humidity can be moderated to prevent rusting. It should also have an easy drive access so that parking is simple. Your storage should be away from windows because the UV rays make paint and plastic fade. The storage offers security as well; it should be strong and lockable to prevent thieves from breaking in.

  • Fuel and stabilizer

Fill your tank with fresh fuel and leave enough space for expansion so that it won’t overflow when it expands during high temperatures. The main reason for filling your fuel tank is to prevent the tank from rusting. You should use the stabilizer to prevent the fuel from going stale and moisture from accumulating.

  • Battery

You should remove the battery to prevent it from draining during storage. If you leave the battery to be fully drained it will not work well the next time you want to use it. The battery should be fully charged and stored somewhere it can’t lose its charge.

  • Exhauster and Mufflers

Exhausters and mufflers rust faster than any other part of a motorcycle when not used. Hence you should prioritize them when spraying your motorcycle. When spraying the muffler you should remember the drain holes too. You should cover the muffler holes with a plastic paper so as to prevent moisture from getting into the exhaust.

  • Tires

You should check the pressure in both tires and ensure they are at the recommended pressure so as to prevent them from freezing as this causes them to crack. You should also place your tires raised on wood or cardboard to prevent them from the freezing floor.

  • Fluids

Most oils used to lubricate motorcycle parts are hygroscopic, which means they will absorb moisture during the storage period. Therefore, before storing your motorcycle change the oil in all the parts and use different oil to lubricate.

  • Surface

You should wax and polish the surface of your motorcycle in order to prevent dust and moisture from landing on it .You should also spray all the other metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion. After taking care of the surface, you can now cover it with a motorcycle cover. Your cover should be porous so as to prevent moisture from locking in.

Common Storage Options For Motorcycles

Storing your motorcycle outside your house or chaining it on the street is a big NO. You should at least store it indoors or in a cabin away from excess moisture and dust. If you have a garage, then that can work provided you keep it raised from the floor. You can also keep it in the corner or corridor of your house where there is no traffic or interference. If you do not have any space in your house, you can create an enclosure with cardboards and store it on your verandah. Another convenient alternative is buying a wooden cabin. A wooden cabin is easy to get and protects your motorcycle from thieves and adverse weather conditions.

Another alternative similar to the wooden cabins or sheds is a steel shed. Steel sheds are more secure and offer maximum protection from dust and rust. If none of the alternatives that I have suggested can help you then you can use the services of a company that offers motorcycle storage services. The advantage of using a storage company is that they will save you the trouble of preparing your motorcycle for storage; they will do that for you as part of their storage services.


Whether you are storing your motorcycle for a day, a month, or a year; you should do it right. Safety is not the only thing you must consider, because adverse weather and other environmental conditions can cause great harm to your motorcycle. You should ensure that you prepare your motorcycle well before storage. Preparing a motorcycle for storage entails servicing it, examining it for any problems and solving them before you store the bike.

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