How To Choose Your Motorcycle Tank Cover?

A motorcycle tank cover is an essential piece of motorcycle equipment. It is used to protect the motorcycle tank from damage. It can be costly to repair the paint on a motorcycle tank, so using a good tank cover is most cost efficient way to protect your bike.

In this article, we will go over how to decide on a tank cover for your motorcycle. There are quite a few factors to consider, as every bike and every rider is different. Our goal is that this article will help readers understand how to decide on the best motorcycle tank cover for their bike.

motorcycle tank cover

Motorcycle Tank Cover Features to Look for

Size and Shape


The first thing motorcyclists should consider when deciding which on the best motorcycle tank cover is the best for them is the size and shape of their tank. Of course, motorcyclists don’t want to purchase a tank cover that is the wrong size. Even worse is when one purchases a tank cover that is the correct size, but doesn’t fit due to the shape of the tank.

Pay attention to your motorcycle tank’s shape. Some tanks have a slope in them, which is very important to consider when purchasing a tank cover. Other tanks are flat, so a tank covered designed for a tank with a slope just wouldn’t fit right.

It is important to note that on most bikes, fuel tanks slope away from the rider. So, if you are purchasing a tank cover and have no way of double checking the shape of your tank, you can keep this information in mind. You should use best motorcycle oil to refill you vehicle. 

Choice of Materials


Tank covers are typically going to have a water-resistant, black nylon material. This is a great, protective material that will perfectly suit most motorcycles. However, there are other material options available.

Some tank covers have a wax-coated canvas type of material. This is typically a more expensive option. However, it is a popular option among motorcyclists as it gives the tank a vintage look.

Deciding on what kind of material to use for your tank cover really depends on your individual motorcycle needs. If you are looking for a cheaper, more well known option, definitely go for the black nylon. It is water-resistant as well, which is something all cyclists can enjoy. If you are more concerned about cosmetic factors, perhaps consider going with the wax-coated canvas. While it is more costly, the vintage look is something motorcyclists everywhere appreciate.  

Overall Budget

Aside from all the other factors that come into play when deciding on which motorcycle cover is the best for your bike, budget is one of the most important influences in your decisions.

Motorcycle tank covers vary in price drastically. Those who are willing to pay a little extra will typically get to enjoy more features, especially cosmetic ones. More expensive tank covers might be able to fit more types of tanks. Also, more expensive tank covers typically are made of better material, and look better cosmetically. While these are certainly not the most important factors when deciding on a motorcycle tank cover, they make a difference.

Cheaper motorcycle covers can be just as effective, so don’t fret if you have a lower budget. The main difference with cheaper motorcycle tank covers is the versatility. For example, a lower priced tank cover might not be able to fit as many different tank sizes. This would require the bike owner to really know exactly what they are looking for prior to going shopping. Also, there might not be as many cosmetic options. This has nothing to do with the overall functionality of a tank cover, so regardless of budget, anyone can find a great tank cover.


Overall, a tank cover is an essential piece of equipment for all motorcycles. They add extra protection to fuel tanks. Replacing the paint on a fuel tank can be very costly for a motorcyclist, which is why having a tank cover is so important.

When you protect your motorcycle by using motorcycle cover, your motorcycle is better protected. Motorcyclists are always concerned about the protection of their motorcycle, which is why choosing a great cover is essential.

There are many different tank cover options available. Any motorcyclist is able to find the tank cover for their exact needs. This includes tank size and shape, cosmetic preferences, and budget.

We hope this article helped you learn how to decide on what tank cover is the best for your motorcycle!

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