7 Tips For Selling A Used Motorcycle You Need To Know!

So, you are tired of your old motorcycle or have just found a different one that you like better? Well, whatever the case may be it is time for you to sell your current motorcycle.

Well, in this article we will go over everything you need to know when selling a used bike. We will go over the steps you should take before, during, and after the sell. We will also cover tips to help make selling your motorcycle as easy as possible.

Our tips for selling your bike will also help you get more money for your old ride. Read on to learn everything you need to know when it comes to selling your used motorcycle.

Tips For Selling A Used Motorcycle You Need To Know!
Tips For Selling A Used Motorcycle You Need To Know!


The first thing to do before selling your motorcycle is to get the paperwork ready. This is important to do first, that way you have everything ready when it is time to sell and will make the transaction smooth and easy. You don’t want to be hunting for paperwork when you have a buyer ready to make the deal and have the deal fall apart from lack of preparation. There are a handful of documents that you will need to sell your bike and they will all need to be filled out correctly.

The most important document you will need is the title. This proves that the motorcycle is yours and you have the right to sell it. Without the title, you cannot sell the bike. You can get a new title if you have lost yours, but this will cost you time and money, so it is important to try to never lose a title to a vehicle. Also, it is important that the title is clear because if there is a lien on the title, then it can be harder to sell the bike.

The next paperwork you will need is the bill of sale or sales agreement. This is what lays out the sales conditions. On top of a bill of sale, it is also important to use a vehicle sale holding deposit agreement. That is the best way to get a buyer to commit to the purchase. That is because if they are leaving a deposit, then they are really interested in the bike. The deposit agreement just states what the money is going towards to help the buyer fill comfortable in giving you money before the sale is finalized.

The last two pieces of paperwork you should use are a vehicle test drive agreement and a test drive envelope. The agreement covers you in case they damage the motorcycle while test driving it. The envelope is to hold the money while they are gone on the test drive to prevent them from stealing the bike. You and they can both sign on the seal of the envelope so both parties know that it is just for the test drive and not an agreement to buy the vehicle. While you are at it you can also get the FLHSMV Vehicle Information to check or your state’s equivalent. This lets you know that everything is up to date with the vehicle.

2.Clean it Up

After you get all the paperwork in order, it is now time to clean up the bike and get it running as best as possible. All the simple task that you have been putting off, it is time to do now. This way you can have an easier time selling the motorcycle and get top dollar for it. First, you should clean the bike and get it as spotless as possible. That is because if the bike looks clean, then the buyer will assume that you took good care of the bike. Condition is important when selling a used bike. Outside of cleaning though, you can also make minor adjustments to help get the bike running to the top level.

Some adjustments you should make are to make sure the chain tension and rear tire alignment are correct. The next thing is to adjust the throttle, brake, and clutch play to make sure those are all function right. Other important things to check are the lights to make sure they work. Replace any bulbs that are out and also replace any missing screws or bolts from anywhere on the bike. While you are replacing missing pieces, also repair anything broken that is noticeable. If it isn’t noticeable on a preliminary inspection and doesn’t affect safety, then you don’t have to worry about fixing it.

Changing fluids should be the next thing you tackle. Make sure the bike has fresh brake fluid and oil in it. Also, if the radiator needs to be flushed or the antifreeze needs replaced, then you should do that as well. Air filters should also be changed if needed, and the control cables should be lubricated as well if they need it. The next thing is to make sure the battery is working right and holding a 12-volt charge. If not, you should replace it. Lastly inspect the tires, brake pads, and rotors and make sure they are working right and in safe conditions. If they are, then don’t worry about replacing. For the tires, if they are getting closed to needing to be replaced you can negotiate a discount if they bring it up so they can buy whatever tires they want to put on the motorcycle.

Changing the best motorcycle oil will increase your motor value.

3. Mechanical Considerations

The next area we are going into is talking about upgrades or not. When selling your bike depending on the market you may want to leave the upgrades on the bike, but you also might want to remove them. If there are parts on the bike that you want to use for your next bike, then take them off and switch it back to OEM parts. If you think the upgrades will help the bike sale for more, then you should leave them on. Ultimately it can be hard to know if the better parts will get you more value for the bike or not, and it is just something you will have to study yourself.

4. Advertising

After you got your bike already to sell it is time to advertise it. One of the most important things when advertising is to have awesome pictures. The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is extremely true here. You want to make your bike look as sharp as possible in the photos so people will want to come to see it. The next most important thing with the advertising is to have the make and model of the bike clear. This should be near the top. Also, advertising local is going to be your best bet. Use online groups to reach the most people, but also see if you can post ads at the local bike shop. You can use the classified section in your local bike clubs newsletter.

5. Document Specs and Maintenance

After advertising, you also want to document the maintenance and specs of your bike. This is important to potential buyers because they want to know what the vehicle has gone thru. Make a log of the life of your bike and try to find receipts of when you did maintenance to your bike. This record will make a new buyer more confident about the condition of the bike and help you get more money for it. In this log, you can also list the quirks of the bike so buyers will know and be aware of them. For easier access, you can make the file available online as a PDF. This way you don’t have to print it out a bunch for multiple people looking at your bike.

6. Fielding Calls

Once you have an ad up you are going to start getting calls. The first calls are probably going to be from professional dealers wanting to offer less. If they ask if you can take less, then just let them know there is no point in talking price until they have seen the bike. Stay patient and firm with your price until someone comes and sees the bike. It may take a few calls to get a real buyer, but the wait will be worth it. For the best results give honest but brief answers over the phone. The key is to get the buyer to meet in person, so you can really get them to see how beautiful of a motorcycle you have.

7. Meeting the Buyer

Once you get someone to agree to meet it is time to show them the bike, do the test drive, and close the deal. Before the drive get them to understand and sign the test drive documents. Then put the money in the test drive envelope and let them take the bike out. Another good way for the buyer to inspect the bike is to take it to a dealership and have them inspect the bike for the buyer. This way you don’t have the issue of a test drive going bad. If something comes up that the buyer doesn’t like you can negotiate that into the price when closing the deal. The best place to close the deal is at your bank or the bank that holds the lean. This way the buyer can get money for the bike and you can pay the lean to get the title or deposit your money after giving the buyer the keys. Also, you can have the sales papers notarized to make them official.


So, now you know all the different steps to take to sell your used motorcycle and tips to make it easier. You know it is best to clean the bike and have it looking great in photos for the ads. You also know tips on how to handle the test drive and also the sale of the bike. Now you can be on your way selling your used motorcycle and get top dollar for it selling it yourself instead of letting a dealer make the money from the bike when you sell it to them.

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