What Is A Liter Bike And Something You Should Know About It

If you are looking for speed either on the track or on the road, you might be considering a liter bike. At the very least you probably heard of liter bikes in your quest for speed. What is a liter bike and how is it different from a motorcycle?

What Is A Liter Bike

What Is A Liter Bike

1. What exactly is a liter bike?

A liter bike is a motorcycle that has an engine with a liter of displacement. This type of bike was born from racing and is designed to reach crazy fast speeds. These bikes are designed to be super bikes; some with 4 stroke 4-cylinder DOHC engines. These bikes can be used on the track or on the street.

2. How fast is a liter bike?

Liter bikes are constructed to go very fast. The manufacturers use an extremely powerful engine and pair it was a very light body. This combination gives the bike an epic power to weight ratio. Some liter bikes are actually the fastest vehicles on the road today. It is because of this power and speed that liter bikes need a lot of control to drive. In fact, it can be difficult for beginners to manage a liter bike.

If you are a well-seasoned liter bike driver however, it is very possible for you to pop wheelies at 100mph by gently prodding the throttle.

In order to facilitate the speed and power, liter bikes are made with racing tires. The addition of racing tires helps maintain grip on the track. Be careful though if you are riding a liter bike in the rain, the tires can be slippery.

3. Is a liter bike a motorcycle?

Yes, you can lump a liter bike in the same category as a motorcycle. Their only similarities are in having 2 wheels. A liter bike blows a motorcycle away in terms of speed and power. The Insurance for Highway Safety actually notes that liter bike riders actually have a death rate 4 times higher than motorcycle riders.

What standard equipment will I find on a liter bike?

Although the engine puts it in the stratosphere, there are certain features to a liter bike that are standard, as with al motorcycles. On a liter bike you will still have ABS brakes and traction control. These bikes will have slide control, launch control and wheelie control. They also have other protective features to help prevent you from hitting the pavement.

Who should ride a liter bike?

Due to the incredible amount of power capable of a liter bike, only seasoned riders and pros should ride them. It takes a lot of training and practice to be able to handle to power in a liter bike. And even the pros tend to leave the liter bikes for the race tracks.

Points to consider if you are thinking of purchasing a liter bike

1. Liter bikes are expensive. These bikes are designed for power and speed and the price tag certainly reflects that. In addition, it is recommended that you purchase a better-known brand, in order to guarantee a well-made bike. Another price consideration is the upkeep and maintenance of a liter bike. Tires must be replaced often and they average about $300 each.

2. Liter bikes can be easily stolen. Just as with motorcycles, liter bikes can be easily hotwired. And since liter bikes can go very fast, the police will have an eye out and tickets are expensive, too.

3. Liter bikes are good for racing. These bikes are designed for speed. The liter bike is one of the fastest vehicles on the road today, thanks to the engine displacement. If you are a pro rider this bike can be a game changer in competition.

4. Do not start with a liter bike:  If you are a beginner bike rider, do not start with a liter bike. The power and speed are hard to manage if you are just starting out. In fact, it will be very difficult for you to keep the liter bike in a straight line. If you are just starting out, start with a motorcycle.

5.Liter bikes are not exactly comfortable to ride on. These bikes certainly are not designed for traveling long distances or with baggage attached.

Final Thoughts

Liter bikes are designed to be an incredible machine. They are motorcycles that have a 1000cc engine. In fact, liter bikes were born when motorcycle manufacturers realized they could get so much more power out of the bike by changing the engine.

Liter bikes are also constructed with a very lightweight frame. This combination of the engine and frame allow the bike to be extremely fast thanks to its power to weight ratio. It is possible for a pro to pop a wheelie at 100 mph.

These bikes are equipped with special tires. The tires are really intended to help maintain grip on a dry race track. On the road they can be a different story. These tires can be slippery on wet pavement, so be careful. You should also remember that the tires need to be replaced often and they can be pricey. This will certainly be a factor to consider when looking to purchase a liter bike.

If you are a liter bike owner, there are a few things to keep in mind. Liter bikes are fast, which the police do not appreciate. They are also easily stolen. They do though make a great conversation piece if you are trying to impress your friends!

If you are a beginner rider, you would do well to start with a motorcycle. A motorcycle is less expensive and easier to drive and handle. Liter bikes are highly specialized vehicles and should be treated that way. They are not for beginner riders.

It is also interesting to note that even seasoned liter bike pro riders will leave their liter bikes in the garage when they are off the track.

Everyone loves speed though and if you truly want to experience the power of a liter bike, it might be worth it to wander over to your local race track.

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