What Is BHP In Car: A Guide for Beginners

BHP In Car

If you are new in the world of cars, such as if you have just started driving, you will be overwhelmed with the jargons that you will read and hear. There are many technical terms that you will encounter and it is important that you become familiar with what they mean. Among others, one that you should know is BHP or Brake Horsepower. If you want to know what is BHP in the car, keep on reading and we’ll let you know what it means. We will try to make this post concise and elementary so that you will easily understand BHP.

Understanding the Meaning of BHP

When buying a car, you will see manufacturers advertising the horsepower or HP of the engine. This will be indicative of how powerful the car will perform. The higher the number is, the more powerful the car will be. Even when talking to mechanics or just other car enthusiasts, you will often hear HP. BHP, or brake horsepower, however, is seldom mentioned. For most people, it is heard only once the conversation becomes deeply technical.

Horsepower refers to the output horsepower that is used for rating an engine. Brake Horsepower, on the other hand, refers to the power of the engine in the absence of power losses. This is in reference to the power that can be created by your vehicle’s motor, without paying attention to the auxiliary components that will be equally influential of the performance of the car.

BHP is also sometimes called pure horsepower. The measurement of BHP will be based on the output shaft of the engine. Historically speaking, this technical specification has been first used in the beginning of the 20th century, specifically for measuring the efficiency of braking systems.

The calculation of BHP is quite more complicated than what it seems. The electric motor’s total load is one of the most important factors that should be taken into consideration. The power loss that results from the different mechanisms will also compute.

If you want to be more technical, let us also discuss the equivalents of 1 BHP in other measurements. Approximately, it is equal to 745.5 watts, 1.01389 ps, 33,000 ft lbf/min, and 42. BTU/min.

Why Is BHP Important?

Why would you even bother understanding what is BHP in the car? After all, it is confusing, right? Well, this should be a good kind of confusion. By knowing about BHP, you will have a better understanding of the way an engine performs. You can be assured that the output will have sufficient strength, which will be enough to drive the different components of the engine.

If you know BHP, you will also have an awareness of the power that is needed by the motor to reach optimal efficiency. For manufacturers, such measurement is also important because it makes sure that they will meet safety requirements.

Differences with Other Measurements

Earlier, we have already discussed how BHP is different from HP. To have a better understanding of what exactly is BHP, it will also be good to discuss how it is different from other common measurements in cars and engines. For instance, let us see its differences with wheel horsepower. As the name implies, WHP refers to the power generated from the car, which will be measured on its wheels.

Improving Performance

BHP and other technical specifications will remain mere numbers. Once you already have your car, you need to exert conscious effort to improve its performance and not just rely on the figures. With this, one thing that you should do is regular maintenance. This will help to address any problem in the engine that could restrict the performance of your car.

The use of a performance air filter is another important factor that will have an impact on the improvement of your car’s performance. Choose one that is compatible with your car and your budget. This will help in effectively getting rid of impurities in the engine.

Another thing that is commonly done by most people is the addition of a performance exhaust system, which is usually made from stainless steel. It is a good thing that it won’t rust, which means that it will be long-lasting. You might also want to choose one that comes with a resonated system, which will aid in the reduction of noise.

Lastly, you might want to consider having an upgrade of your engine. If you have an old car model, a quick change of its engine will also upgrade its performance. Get in touch with the pros so that you will know what engine is suitable for your car.

Now that you are done reading this post, we hope that you already know what is BHP in the car. You might think that knowing it is useless, but truth is, it can provide you with a better understanding of how cars work, and more importantly, the factors that will have an impact on its performance.

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