What Is Brake Checking: Things You Should Know

If you are wondering about what is brake checking, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll let you know some of the most important things that you have to learn. Some of you might assume that it is as simple as looking at the brakes and seeing if it is in its best condition. Yes, that can be equated to checking the brake, but, by the concept, brake checking is actually different. It is not tantamount into a physical inspection of your car’s braking systems. Keep on reading and know exactly what it means.

So, What is Brake Checking?

Brake Checking

Brake checking is an annoying practice, and at its worst, it can lead to accidents and death. Simply put, it is a practice of suddenly hitting on your brake when you know that you are being tailgated. This will scare the other driver. However, when practiced, it is almost tantamount to road rage. A person who is brake checking will force the other driver to suddenly stop. For those who are inattentive, on the other hand, this can cause hitting the car in the front. This is a leading cause of the accident.

The Consequences of Brake Checking

Is brake checking an illegal practice? This is a question that is difficult to answer as there are different factors that should be taken into consideration. For instance, this will depend on where you are living. It is better to consult with local traffic laws, or better yet, do not just attempt to try brake checking. It is not going to do you any good, after all.

There are criminal liabilities that can possibly result from brake checking. Among others, you can be liable for the Crime of Assault. Based on the legal definition, this is a criminal act wherein there is an intention to cause fear to another party. In Maryland, there is a category of assault known as Intent to Frighten. There are certain conditions that should be met. For instance, to have criminal liability, there should be no legal justification for the action or the other party must not be acting in self-defense.

More than a just criminal liability, the financial consequences can also be severe. Once it has been proven that you are at fault because of brake checking, you have to pay for the expenses incurred in repairing your car and the car of the injured party. Your insurance can help, but as to until what extent, this will depend on your specific coverage.

Avoid Being The Victim

In most cases, it is hard to avoid being victimized by brake checking. You do not control the minds of other people. You do not know when they will pull a move that can put you in danger. In some instances, you might even end up being surprised after seeing someone brake check on you even if you are not doing anything.

The best thing that you can do is to avoid tailgating. Always maintain a favorable distance with the vehicle next to you. This will prevent the possibility of annoying the other driver. Also, being not too close to the car in front of you will increase your safety buffer. With this, if the car suddenly brakes, there will be more than enough room for you. Otherwise, you will instantly collide on the other car.

You should also pay attention to the possible signs that you are already being brake tested. This will give you the opportunity to get out of trouble. Be a responsible adult and be the one to make the move. If a person cuts at you sharply and is showing aggressive moves, including continuous blowing of horns, this can be an obvious indication that you are already being brake tested.

Although not necessarily a practical solution, it will also be good if your car has an automatic braking system. There are cars that are equipped with intelligent sensors, which are capable of detecting an object in front. This will let your car stop in an instant.

It will also be a good idea to invest in a dash camera. This will lessen your liability in case the unfortunate happens. This will make it easy for you to prove that the car in the front has been brake checking, and hence, you will be absolved of any liability. The dash cam can provide solid evidence if in case an investigation ensues.


Now that you have reached the end of this post, I hope that you are already aware of what is brake checking. Spare yourself and others from trouble. This is a cowardly act that you should never do. It will only piss other people, and worst can lead to deadly accidents. Always be a responsible driver when you are on the road!

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