When Should You Cover The Brake?

There are many different techniques that one should know when driving. One of those techniques is covering the brake. In this article, we will take a look at what this term means. We will explain what it means so you have a clear understanding. Then we will go even farther and explain when it is best to use this technique while driving. Read on to learn everything you need to know about covering the brake. Once you are done the reading you will have the questions when should you cover the brake answered for you. You will now what driving circumstances are the best for driving with the covered brake technique.

When Should You Cover The Brake

When Should You Cover The Brake

What is Cover of Brake

Before going into detail on when should you cover the brake, we are first going to explain what it is. This term can be confusing to come, people, because you are not putting anything over the break physically. Instead, this term is used to teach new drivers to help them know when they should get ready to stop. Covering the break means taking your foot off the gas and hovering it over the brake. A lot of times experienced drivers will do this without even thinking about it. It is just a good defensive driving practice. The only time you might see this term is when you are taking a driving test. The question may read when should you cover the brake? After reading this you will know the answers to pick

When should you cover the brake

In this section, we will get into each situation that you should cover the brake or be prepared to stop. We will explain why this is the case as well so you can be a more aware driver.

Passing Parked Cars – The first instance we will talk about when you should cover the brake is when you are passing parked cars. The reason that it is important to not be accelerating and instead be prepared to stop is you never know when one of those parked cars might have a door open. It is also a good idea to drive far enough away from the car that an open door won’t hit you. Even if you are driving a safe distance from the car someone might walk out from infant of or from behind the car. This factor is another reason why it is a good idea to drive with your foot above the brake when passing parked cars.

Vehicle Ahead on Brake – The next reason why you should drive with your foot above the brake is if the vehicle in front of you is braking. You will know that they are barking because there brake lights will be on. If you see brake lights ahead and there is a gap you can cover your brake, so then you can hit the brake if you start getting closer to them and need to stop.

Stop Lights – Approaching stop lights is another reason to drive with a covered brake. This is similar to if the car in front of you is braking. If the car ahead is stopped at the light and there is a decent gap you can cover your brake before hitting it. This will slow you down and have you ready to stop. If the light is green, though, then it is still a good idea to drive with a covered brake if the light has been green awhile as you approach it. That way you can stop as quickly as possible if the light changes. Stoplights all have different timings and some don’t stay yellow for long. Stoplights are also where people cross the road the most, so having the brake covered will have you ready to stop in case someone begins to cross.

Slippery Tracks – This one is generally for motorcycle drivers, but also can apply to cars as well. When driving on slippery surfaces your wheels might begin to slide. By having the brake covered you can hit the brake if this begins to happen. That way you can regain control and not wreck. Motorcycles it is even more important to have the brake covered on slippery areas because you only have two wheels on the ground and if one slides you are in trouble.

Crowded Areas – This one we touched on a little with the stoplights, but it may not always be near a light that it is crowded. At times, you might have to pass through a crowded area near a festival or something else. This is another situation when you should cover the brake. After all, there’s no telling if someone will suddenly come out of nowhere and force you to make an unprepared stop. You need to drive extra slow and with extra caution around people. Hitting another car is bad, but hitting a person is even worse. By driving with the brake covered you could end up saving someone’s life that isn’t paying attention. With cell phones and distractions nowadays this happens all too much of distracted walkers, so you need to do everything you can to be ready for there unpredictability.

Country Roads –  This is another instance where bike riders might have to cover there brake more than cars because the bumps and lose rocks affect bikes worse than cars. However, car drivers should still be cautious on country roads, especially in certain instances. If you are driving on a country road a night having the brake covered can help you stop faster if an animal jumps out. Also, doing around curves and up hills you should have the brake covered in case another driver is in the middle of the road.


So, now you know what covering the brake means. You know that it is a defensive driving technique where you put your foot over the brake peddle to get ready to press it. You also know the driving situations where you should cover the brake. You know you should cover the break around crowds, around parked cars, driving on slick or country roads, approaching stoplights, and if the person in front of you is braking. By driving with a covered brake you will prevent wrecks and could save lives. That is why it is a good driving technique to use and as you drive it will become second nature. If you see it on a written driving test now, though, then now you know the answer of when should you drive with a covered brake.

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