Why are Harleys so Expensive?

Motorcycles can be of various prices. Just like cars, some are worth more and some are worthless. Is it worth it to pay a lot for a bike though? Do motorcycles that cost more last longer? These might be questions you have. Well, we will try to touch on these in this article. One of the main focuses of this article though is, Why are Harleys so expensive? If you are into motorcycles, then this might be a question you think about a lot. That is because Harley Davidsons are normally the most expensive bikes on the market. We are going to go in-depth on all the reasons why Harley Davidson motorcycles are so expensive.

Why are Harleys so Expensive?

Why are Harleys so Expensive?


Before going into detail on why Harleys are so expensive, we are first going to talk about the different factors that go into the price of something in list form. Then, if there is a particular section that seems the most interesting to you, you can jump straight to it.

  • Branding
  • Quality
  • Positioning
  • Imaging
  • Demand

This list of things are the key factors on why Harley Davidson cost so much.


One of the main reasons why Harley motorcycles cost so much is the brand. Most everyone has heard of Harley Davidson, even if they don’t ride motorcycles. That is because they have built the brand and had it grow a positive reputation. Harley Davidson does not just sale motorcycles. Their brand spreads into clothes for men and women, and so much more. Having a Harley has become a culture.

When you buy a Harley you are not just buying a motorcycle. You are becoming a certain type of biker. You are adding to your image as a person. When you start riding a Harley Davidson you become a part of the Harley Davidson family. This is similar to Corvettes or Mustangs. To get to this level of reputation and getting the brand to be so iconic, it cost Harley a lot of money. They have to recoup this money by charging more. The brand is just one part of the cost though, and no amount of money can build a strong following for a bad product.


This concept gets to the next point of quality. Harley bikes are known for being top quality. This reputation has stuck with them and helped build the brand. Another part of the quality is that Harley Davidson motorcycles are made in the United States. To a lot of people, this means that it is a better product. Also, buying a bike built in the United States can help people feel good because they are providing jobs to other Americans.

People also buy Harleys because they have a reputation for being dependable. This may be true or not true, but you do see a lot of old Harleys still going. This might just be because they are taken care of though. Once you ride a Harley most people won’t go back. They become loyal to the brand and quality of it. Even though you can’t test the quality per se Harley does have high standards for there bikes. These high standards mean that the bike coming off the line will be a solid piece of machinery. This knowledge also leads to high resell values, which encourage people to buy Harleys because they know they are a decent investment.


Harley Davidson can be compared to Rolex and why they cost so much. Both companies have done the same thing in their areas. That is they have positioned themselves in the market to a point that they can charge more. If they started charging less, it would hurt there reputation. That is because people think they are getting better quality because they are paying more and lowering the price would make them think that the quality has dropped.

Harley has to maintain their image and they know their customers well. They have been successful in the business because they have managed to position themselves in the right place at the right price to capture the ideal client. This positioning has allowed them to charge more than there competitors for equal bikes spec-wise. The positioning also ties into there pricing strategy. They have built the brand so people see buying a Harley Davidson as buying real American Iron. They have also created scarcity to the buyers by having them sign up for the waitlist. These things have helped Harley to be able to price there motorcycles higher and still sale them.


Like we have mentioned, when you own a Harley you become a part of the family and it becomes a part of you. Harley supporters see owning one as making them cooler or better. This means they will pay more for the bike to feel good about themselves. Also, people that have drooled over Harleys when they were growing up will finally buy one when they can to get the image. Some people even feel that they gain respect by riding a Harley. This may be true or not true, but the brand and reputation are so strong, that these ideas come into peoples minds and promote them to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


So, these are the main factors on why Harleys cost so much, but ultimately they all lead to one factor. That one factor is demand. The branding, imaging, quality, and price positioning all lead to increasing the demand for the product. Just like with anything, if demand is high and supply is low, then the cost will be more. This is the same with Harley Davidson bikes. They have made it so there is a high demand for there product. This allows them to charge more than there competition and still sale their motorcycles. A lot of factors go into demand as you can see, but demand for Harleys is the main driving factor of why they are so expensive.


So, now you know why Harleys are so expensive. You know that it ultimately comes down to there being a large demand for there motorcycles. Now, you also know how they have created this large demand. You know that they have built a brand and an image for there product that promotes people to want them. This leads people to be willing to pay more to be able to obtain them. This is why Harley Davidson bikes are so expensive.

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