Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Vests? (The Real Reasons)

Have you always been fascinated by bikers? They are amazing to see especially when they come in groups. They are different people but there are some things about them that look distinct. One of the most obvious things that they all wear is the leather vest.

If you would check out a group of bikers, try to count how many of them are not wearing vests. You will probably not reach 5. You cannot help but wonder, “What is this all about?” Do you think that bikers love wearing vests in order to display some patches and designs? Should you wear a leather vest when you start riding?
Why Do Bikers Wear Leather Vests

True Reasons Why Bikers Wear Leather Vests

If you are going to start biking anytime soon, you are a bit confused if you need to invest in a leather vests or not.

Sometimes, the bikers that you would see are not wearing leather vests but denim vests but it is not quite the same. Here are some of the real reasons why you can start wearing leather vest when you ride:

1. You want style without being uncomfortable.

There will be days when wearing the best motorcycle jacket is okay. When the temperature outside is too cold, you need to protect yourself by wearing the right jacket but when the temperature outside is hot, you may be tempted to just wear your typical t-shirt. This will not make you look like a biker. The only way by which you can look like a biker is by placing a leather vest over your shirt. It can make your look ready for riding.

2. You want to place some items.

Leather vests may come with several pockets inside that can be used to place various items like your lighter, your cigarette and even your business cards. You want to be prepared at all times and you do not want the hassle of opening up a portion of your motorcycle to get some of your things. Placing money on your leather vest may be ideal as well.

3. You want to display your badges.

There are some badges and even patches that you will earn along the way as you ride more often. The more years you have spent on the road, the more that you would like to display the things that you have earned through riding. Some patches can be sewn while other badges can be placed directly on the vest. It can be add to your attitude.

4. It may come with the bike that you have purchased.

Do you know that there are some bike sellers who sell vests together with the bike? This is how much it is expected that you would wear a vest whenever you ride your bike. If it does not come with the motorcycle that you have purchased, buy your own. Details on that here:

5. You would like to maintain your image.

This is probably the most important reason out of all the reasons that are mentioned above. If you are big, bad biker, you are expected to wear a leather vest so if you do not have it, you will not be taken seriously by all the other bikers that you would meet.

There are some bikers who will say that their real reason for wearing a leather vest is because the vest can protect them but there is no truth to this all. If some bikers truly believe that they can be protected by the leather vest without wearing a helmet then they will only know what has hit them when they get to the hospital because of a biking accident.

Choosing Leather Vests

Choosing the right leather vest can be based on your personality. You do not have to follow what all of your fellow bike riders are wearing. You are expected to pair it up with the leather gloves and chaps that you are wearing. The patches and the badges that you are going to place on your leather jacket will depend on how many you have acquired throughout the years that you have been riding your motorcycle.

There are different types of leather to choose from namely:

  • Buffalo – This is the type of leather that is strong enough and sturdy enough to be used for a long period of time. It does not stretch easily so you have to pick the right size for you. This will have a rustic look.
  • Pigskin – This is a type of leather that has a medium weight so you can truly feel it while you are wearing it. This is affordable and can be your main choice if you do not want to spend too much on a vest.
  • Lambskin – This may be one of the richest leather that you can have. This may not be too ideal for riding as it will get exposed to different elements all at once.

You can also purchase a leather vest that already comes with embroidered patches if you are a new rider and you do not want your fellow bike riders to know that you are new. Unless you have the proper motorcycle skills, they might still realize that you have not been riding long.

The key to choosing the right vest is to make sure that the vest has the right attitude. You may choose to have a leather vest that is closed by a gold chain or you may want to have a leather vest that completely closes with buttons. No matter what leather vest you are going to choose, what matters is that it will complete your whole outfit.


Now that you know the real reasons why you should wear a leather vest when you are bike riding, you can stop to think if it is truly worth it. If you are a serious rider or if you are a part of a motorcycle riding club, wearing a leather vest can be worth it. Hopefully, you have learned a lot about leather vests and their uses. Did you enjoy the article? Feel free to share this article with your fellow bike enthusiasts as well as your friends and family members.

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